Important Update for iOS Users

We discovered a bug in the MissionHub iOS app which may have impacted your experience.

We are really sorry we missed this, and recognize it could have led to frustration for you in MissionHub helping you take steps of faith. We’re doing what we can to fix this and get you set back up.

Here’s what we’ve done to fix this.
  • We’ve fixed and updated the app.
  • If you created a community during this time, we’ve copied your community over to the right place. Here’s what we were able to bring over.
    • Your unique invite code.
    • Any Challenges that were created.
    • Most posts to the Celebrate Feed.
    • You’ll need to re-invite people back into this community using the community code.
What you need to do.
  • Update your app to the latest iOS or Android version.
  • If you are missing data please email us at with the following information and we will try to restore it.
    • Your name (name of the app user).
    • Email address you use to sign in.
    • The name(s) of some of the people you were taking steps of faith with.
    • A few of the steps you had accepted.

We're grateful to have an opportunity to help you take steps of faith with the people God has put around you.

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