Report Movement Indicators

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently upgrading our Report Movement Indicators experience! Check back soon for updated information.

This is currently for US Campus staff. 

From the menu bar, click Tools and select Report Movement Indicators from the dropdown options. If your ministry is not associated with Cru’s Infobase, you will not be able to proceed. If your ministry is associated with Cru’s Infobase, you will able to select the necessary suggested movement indicator options which are based on recorded ministry activity for the Involved, Engaged Disciple, and Leader labels. Once you have finished going through each of the suggestions, click Next.

Here you will see all of the movement indicators for your ministry in the stated date range. This date range is from the last time you submitted movement indicators in MissionHub until the end of the most recent week (which always ends on a Saturday). You can edit these numbers if you think something was duplicated or missing. Please note, Group Evangelism, Group Evangelism Decisions, Media Exposures, and Media Exposure Decisions will need to be entered manually.

Once you’re ready, click Submit and these numbers will be sent to the Infobase.


  • People with Admin permissions are the only ones able to submit movement indicators.
  • Only one Admin per movement needs to be responsible for submitting movement indicators. If someone on your team tries to submit again in the same week, the system will indicate that the movement is up to date.
  • If you need to make any changes after submitting, please do so in the Infobase.

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