Snapshot View

Snapshot View is a radial graph showing missional activity for one or more MissionHub organizations. Currently, Snapshot is only available for Cru ministries connected to the Infobase.

To access Snapshot, click on Tools in the menu bar and select Visual Tools from the dropdown menu. Next, click on Snapshot View.

You can select one or more organizations to show on this graph. If you are a user or admin in more than one org, you will have a list of possible orgs to include in the box on the right. To select the orgs, click the All option in the left and click Apply Changes. To choose specific organizations to display, click on Custom radio button and click the box that says Select More Organizations. Here you’ll see a full list of all the orgs you have access to and will be able to select the ones you’d like to visualize.

For each quadrant of the graph you can select the timeframe you would like displayed from the corresponding drop down menu. You can also hide choose which sections of the quadrant you’d like to be displayed by clicking on the category name.


The number of movements displayed in each stage (Pioneering, Key Leader, Launched, Multiplying) correspond to the movements checked in the box to the left. Please visit your team page in the Infobase if you need to update the status of your movement(s).


This section displays the names (and profile photo if available) of contacts who have most recently indicated a decision to receive Christ across all of the movements where you have user or admin permission.

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