Goal Tracker

The Goal Tracker helps your team track progress toward a goal within a specified time period, either in a custom category (label) or in one of the Movement Indicators. Data from only one movement may be displayed at a time.

To access the Goal Tracker, click on Tools in the menu bar and select Visual Tools from the dropdown menu. Next, click on Goal Tracker.

The Goal Tracker lets you set and track a goal for your organization based on one of the movement indicators or labels. First, select the organization you would like to create a goal for from the dropdown menu. Then select the movement indicator or label you would like to track. Next, click the Edit Goal button to set or edit your goal (note - all Users can view the graph but only people with Admin permission can set or edit the goal). Once you have entered in the starting date, amount as well as the ending date and amount be sure to click Save.

The dotted blue line shows the trend line to reach the goal by the end date. A red line will track the reality along the way. If you’re tracking a label, the red line will display the running total of the labels applied in MissionHub. If you’re tracking a movement indicator, the red line will display data pulled from the Infobase for that specific category.

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