Trend Tracker

The Trend Tracker helps teams see ministry trends over time. It can display information from multiple movements or organizations at once, up to four categories at a time, and provides comparisons over a one-year period.

To access the Trend Tracker, click on Tools in the menu bar and select Visual Tools from the dropdown menu. Next, click on Trend Tracker.

You can select one or more organizations to show on this graph. If you are an Admin or User in more than one org, you will have a list of possible orgs to include in the box on the right. Select all the orgs or choose the ones you want by clicking on Custom. Next, enter a specific state and end date, or the default will show the last six weeks. Click Apply Changes to update.

From the dropdown boxes on the bottom, select the movement indicator(s) or label(s) you would like to track. The legend in the top right will let you know what each line means. When viewing multiple organizations, only the labels which exist in all the organizations you have selected to display will appear in the dropdown box. For example, if the label is not in all of the organizations you want to view, it will not be available to select.

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