Labeling Contacts

Labels help you create and sort permanent lists of contacts. Labels will appear when you view all contacts and individual profiles. These can be used to easily identify contacts based on criteria that is most relevant to your ministry.


To manage labels, click on Ministries, hover over Tools, and select Manage Labels. 

Here you can add, edit, or delete specific labels as needed.

Organizational labels are created by your specific team and are applied to designate contacts as needed. You can create organizational labels based on criteria that is more relevant to you team. System labels are permanent in MissionHub and are connected with the Cru movement indicators.


To add labels to more than one person, select checkbox to the left of their name, then select the Mass Edit icon in the orange action bar.

Once selected, edit the label you wish to add to these people and click Save.

To add labels to one contact, simply select their name in the Contacts view.

Select the edit icon for Labels, then choose which label(s) to add and click Save.

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