Transfer Contacts

It is possible to transfer people from one organization to another in MissionHub, however this feature is only available to Admins. Click on Contacts in the menu and select the contact(s) you would like to transfer from your organization. Next, hover over More and click Transfer. In the pop-up box select or deselect the options you would like before choosing the transfer org.

The default option is to leave a contact in the current organization. This enables you to send a copy of the contact(s) to another org while keeping them in your org. Unchecking this box will send the contact(s) to the new org and it will no longer be in your current organization.

Selecting Copy Survey Answers with Contact will send any survey answers along with the contact to the new org. Note: The new organization will only see the survey answers if they have the same survey questions in the that org. Selecting Copy Interactions with Contact will send all interactions saved on a contact's profile to the new organization. The visibility permissions will remain the as they were set in the current org.

After selecting the transfer options you can start typing the name of the organization you want to send the contact(s) to; select the organization from the populated choices. Note: There is no confirmation step, so be sure you select the correct organization.

The Admins in the organization you transfer a contact to will receive an email letting them know new contacts have been transferred into their org. It may be a good idea to check with an admin from the new org to confirm the contact were transferred.

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