Invite New Team Members

Now that you're as Admin of a ministry in MissionHub, let's get some more people in here to join your mission.

Select Ministries and click Contacts under the ministry you want to invite people to join.

Click the person icon to add someone. Add the information for the person you want to invite. Be sure to choose Admin or User to select this person's ability to use MissionHub's features within your ministry.

Please note: Admins tend to be people who want to help you administrate MissionHub ministry and your people, while Users are those who want to add contacts and record basic followup with specific people.

Now that we've got some friends coming to help you, let's start adding Contacts and Assigning them to people.

The Assign Contacts feature is super powerful, especially on the mobile app. Once people have been assigned, the mobile app is designed to show only those people assigned to you in a specific ministry, so make sure all your contacts are being served by someone is important.

Also, you as a leader can assign the other Admins and Users to yourself so you can easily see what they're doing and how you can celebrate or help.

Thanks for letting us serve you!

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