Creating a Survey Keyword

Keywords are necessary to use the Text In feature. People will text your designated keyword to 85005* and receive a link to your survey.

To begin, click on Surveys on the top navigation bar and select Keywords from the dropdown menu. Next, click Request a Keyword in the left sidebar. Please follow the prompts to ensure an accurate keyword request process. Once you've completed the details, click Create Keyword. Note: The process of acquiring new keywords requires manual intervention. Once you request your keyword expect to wait up to 24 hours before we notify you via email that your keyword is approved and ready for use.

To edit the message sent with a keyword or which survey is associated with a particular keyword, click the pencil symbol next to the keyword on the initialKeywords page.

Keywords are NOT case sensitive. For example, fsucru = FSUCRU = fsuCRU = fsUcrU

Note: Only Admins can create surveys and keywords in MissionHub.

*85005 is the text in number for the US.

For International SMS Messaging:

You will need to find a company that offers SMS services in your country. The service needs to include an API (programming interface). You will be responsible for setting up the account and paying whatever charges are associated with that plan and its use. You will then provide information about the service to us at, so we can connect your MissionHub ministry to the service.

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