Using Surveys

Surveys must be set up ahead of time by an Admin. This can take up to a few days, so prepare in advance.

There are three different ways that individuals can use MissionHub surveys to gather contact information.

  1. Survey Mode: Allows someone to input their information in a form on a device using the mobile browser.
  2. Text In: Allows individuals to submit their information to MissionHub through a series of text messages prompted by a keyword that correlates with your survey.
  3. Survey Link: Each survey also has a link that allows any individual to access the survey form through a web browser. This link can be used through emails, text messages, on websites, and more.

Survey Mode

To use Survey Mode, log in to MissionHub on the web and click Surveys in the menu bar. Here you will see Surveys, Keywords, and the list of available surveys in the dropdown. The list of surveys are those ready for survey mode.

Choose which survey you would like and the selected survey will immediately come up, ready for use. If the survey uses Facebook login, once a person finishes the survey and hits the 'submit' button, they are automatically logged out of Facebook and the survey resets on the device for another person to begin their survey.

Text In

With Text In, individuals can submit their information to MissionHub through a series of text messages prompted by a keyword you connect to your survey.

For instance, you might set up your Keyword to be BUFall2013 and ask them to text this word to 85005 — the standard text-in number for all MissionHub surveys in the US. Please note: Republic Wireless does not allow its customers to send to short codes. RW customers can text your Keyword to 424-293-7037.

Depending on the speed of their mobile device carrier, they will then receive your message which includes the link to your survey.

If they have a smartphone, they can simply click the link. If they do not have a smartphone, they can reply to the initial survey text with the letter 'i'. MissionHub will then text the survey questions individually for them to respond.

Survey Link

In the Survey section of MissionHub, you can copy the link to the survey and paste the link into emails or texts for others to access the survey through their web browser.

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