Mass Entry for Paper Survey Responses

We've heard your feedback on entering paper survey responses into MissionHub. We know that sometimes you're at an event in a location where you don't have connectivity and need to use paper surveys. Entering those surveys into MissionHub just got easier! You can now enter several survey responses at a time using the new Mass Entry feature. 

Note: to use this feature for entering responses from a paper survey, the survey needs to already exist in MissionHub. Just create it as normal, then when you have your response cards, open MissionHub and go to the survey you want to enter in all the responses at once.

Here's how:

  • Click Surveys in the center menu bar and select Surveys
  • Click the "Mass Entry" icon to the right of Manage Survey Questions
  • The questions from your selected survey will pre-populate the spreadsheet headers, and any pre-existing responses to the selected survey will be displayed in the spreadsheet.
  • To enter new responses, click New Entry in the top right and MissionHub will take you to the next available row.
  • Now you can enter new survey responses.
    • Once you hit enter or tab over to a new column, MissionHub will create a new row. You can create as many rows as you need.
    • You can right-click to undo, redo, or remove a row.
  • Lastly, make sure you click Save to save your entries!

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