Recording Interactions


You can quickly add an interaction and note, as well as archive right from the home screen. After a meeting with someone, find their name on the dashboard and click on the + to the right of the their name; this will open an interaction drawer. Select the interaction you would like to record, add a note if you want, and select Done.

From left to right, these are the types of interactions you can easily add: Spiritual Conversation, Personal Evangelism, Personal Evangelism Decision, Holy Spirit Presentation, and Discipleship Conversation.

You may notice Discipleship Conversation as a new interaction for MissionHub. We realize there are several ways you can help someone follow Jesus. Maybe it’s a conversation about the Bible, maybe it’s a training time where you take them out to share their faith. Whichever way you are intentionally growing someone, you can use the Discipleship Conversation interaction and add a note so you can remember any specific details.


Adding an interaction from the mobile app is easy! Click on their name, then select the appropriate interaction type. You’ll be able to record a note, if desired, then click Save and the interaction will automatically appear in your history.

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