The Celebrate feed is a part of the Communities feature. Currently, Communities is in Beta testing and available to a few campus ministries. If you feel like your movement should have access to Communities or you want to request access, please email us at support@missionhub.com.

When someone in your movement takes a step of faith, you know about it. This fuels your faith, and you can celebrate what God’s doing.

What shows up in the Celebrate feed?

When someone in your Community completes a step of faith or records an interaction, we post it in the Celebrate feed. If you are in multiple communities, only those steps and interactions from that community as well as all personal ministry steps are posted to that community's Celebrate feed.

How can I have something show up in the Celebrate feed?

All you need to do is complete a step of faith with someone in that Community or your personal ministry. Every step of faith you take with a person is important and we want your Community to celebrate with you!

As well, when you record an interaction like a spiritual conversation or gospel conversation with a person assigned to you in a Community, we post that in the Community Celebrate feed. These are big moments in a person's spiritual journey and want to help your whole Community see that, celebrate that, and pray for the people involved.

Why are the posts generic sounding?

When people invite you to journey with them spiritually, it can be an intensely private thing. To balance access to information and respecting people's journey, we decided to keep the posts generic at this time. If you want to learn more about a step someone has taken with a Curious person, you can always reach out and learn more. 

Why do I only see numbers next to my hearts?

Social media has shaped expectations for how we receive feedback and affirmation digitally. This can be very powerful in positive and negative ways. We want to let you know how many times people in your Community have seen and celebrated God working with you. But to protect people from comparison (why did I get fewer hearts than they did?!) we decided to show you when someone else's post has been celebrated but not how many times.

How do I get notified when something is posted to Celebrate?

Currently, we notify you at 7pm every day when one of your Communities had Celebrate activity. Since Communities is in Beta, we're continuing to improve and working on notifying you instantly when someone assigned to you posts to Celebrate. 

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