Mobile Contacts

The Contacts tab is a part of the Communities feature. Currently, Communities is in Beta testing and available to a few campus ministries. If you feel like your movement should have access to Communities or you want to request access, please email us at

These are people your movement is working with. They may have been added directly or through a survey.

Who is in the Contacts list?

These lists can get long, so we automatically add more contacts as you scroll.

To get more specific in your list, select the "Filter" icon where you can filter by:

  • Answers to the survey questions. (Currently filtering is limited to questions which have defined answers.)
  • Gender
  • Labels
  • Time period when survey was filled out
  • Uncontacted
  • Unassigned

What do I see when I select a Contact?

When you select a person who is a contact, there are two different view depending if the contact is assigned to you or not.

If not assigned, you can:

  • Assign this person to yourself and begin to follow them up. (Once assigned to yourself, they will appear in the People Tab under that specific Movement.)
  • See their survey answer.
  • Admins can see who has been following up the survey contact and what interactions have been recorded.

If assigned, you can: 

  • Contact the person through text, call or email.
  • See a filtered view of your steps with that person.
  • Save private notes you don't want to forget about that person.
  • Our Journey with that person - this is memory lane of all the important things you've done with this person. If you had an interaction (spiritual, gospel, discipleship, or Holy Spirit conversation) with that person, you can record it here.
  • This view is also available when you click on the person's name from the People tab.

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