Mobile Surveys

The Surveys tab is a part of the Communities feature. Currently, Communities is in Beta testing and available to a few campus ministries. If you feel like your movement should have access to Communities or you want to request access, please email us at

As your movement prays for your campus, people are waiting to connect with someone like you. MissionHub helps you identify people who are open to having a follow up conversation with you after completing a survey. Click here for more information on creating or managing surveys.

List of Active Surveys

Admins of your movement can create and manage surveys from the Web application. The list of Surveys will be under the Communities Survey tab. Select a specific survey to see a list of the contacts who filled out that survey.

How do I find interested people? Using filters.

Once selecting a specific survey, you can see a list of those who filled out the survey. To speed up filtering, we automatically apply two filters, "Unassigned" and "Last 30 days". This will show you the most recent people who filled out the survey and no one is committed to contacting. To remove a filter and see the larger list, click the "x" to clear out the filter.

These lists can get long, so we automatically add more contacts as you scroll.

To get more specific in your list, select the "Filter" icon where you can filter by:

  • Answers to the survey questions. (Currently filtering is limited to questions which have defined answers.)
  • Gender
  • Labels
  • Time period when survey was filled out
  • Uncontacted
  • Unassigned

What do I see when I select a Survey Contact?

When you select a person who has filled out a survey, you can see a feed of this person's interaction with your movement. You can see:

  • Can assign this person to yourself and begin to follow them up. (Once assigned to yourself, they will appear in the People Tab under that specific Movement.)
  • Users and Admins can see their survey answer.
  • Admins can see who has been following up the survey contact and what interactions have been recorded.

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